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In 2021, I launched my own small business called, "Studio Sweetpea." It's named after my black cat Penelope who's nickname is "sweet pea."I create and sell hand made earrings, stickers, and pins under the brand name and am a one woman show. I've sold my products in local shops and made over 600 sales through Etsy. I believe my illustration and design skills are a huge part of my brand's success. My logo, packaging, social media posts, and product designs are all my creation using my sketchbook, Procreate, and Photoshop. Studio Sweetpea's Instagram handle is @studiosweetpea.etsy!


I spent a lot of time before launching my small business planning my brand's aesthetic and branding. The final logo design I came with was really fun and I knew would translate well as a stamp. The stamps are used on every earring card to reiterate the brand and the logo appears on social media and packaging. I designed business and post cards as well as stickers to place on orders. Consistency, colour, and attention to detail were all important to me when creating Studio Sweetpea's branding.  




I use Procreate to design new stickers often to add to my Etsy store. I love creating seasonal stickers as well as stickers that encompass who I am as a person. Stickers involving mental health and animals are the majority of what I offer. I print and cut my stickers at home using my Cricuit Air 2 machine allowing me to fully control their quality.



Managing Studio Sweetpea's social media is one of the things I enjoy most about having a small business! I plan shop updates and make an effort to always design unique and shareable social media posts to advertise. I also design posts for more informational posts such as sharing positive Etsy reviews and sharing information about which organization 10% of sales will be donated to.

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