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As a designer, I am committed to continuous growth and development. One way I achieve this is through practice projects. Recently, I assigned myself the task of creating a Pitch Deck for one of my favorite eco-friendly makeup companies, "Elate Cosmetics."

To complete this project, I thoroughly studied the brand and determined their brand guidelines, which I closely followed. I also utilized all of the assets available to me through their website and used Illustrator to create additional icons that were needed for the project.

Maintaining consistency and cohesiveness across all of the slides was crucial for the project, as well as carefully selecting the key initiatives and unique qualities of the company to showcase. I believe that a potential investor or customer would quickly learn about the business and its values through the use of these slides.

I have included some of the strongest slides I created for this project. These slides demonstrate my ability to understand a brand, use assets available, and create additional illustrations to achieve a cohesive final product.

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