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As a wedding photographer, Ariana wanted to pattern her own 30th birthday invitations after wedding invitation suites. These usually include an invitation, details card, RSVP card, and a map. I was responsible for bringing to life a map of her favourite activities/restaurants in the Kitchener/Waterloo area surrounding the studio she was holding her party.

In addition, she thought it would be unique to have a map layout of the studio and all of the stations she had set up for guests! This way, guests would know where to go without an usher having to explain the "realms" to each of them.


I was provided with examples of what "Invitation Maps" were and what Ariana was looking for. A mood board for her party and rough drafts of the invitations were also provided so that the map would be consistent with the rest of the invitation suite!

I began to research all of her favourite spots in the city that she wanted included on the map. This way, her guests would know where to explore before or after the party. I considered the different "Landmarks" for each of these places and determined what visuals would best represent them.

While this event map wasn't required to be extremely accurate, I considered the basic whereabouts of each place in relation to one another.



I was provided with many resources to ensure I got a proper feel for the studio and Ariana's vision for her party. She sent me pictures of each display, videos of the studio space, explained to me the theme of each "realm", and also provided me with some assets to use for the final design.


I drew many original assets to make the design as personal as possible, and also included assets Ariana purchased for this particular project.


Planning events can be hectic and last minute changes are common! As these changes were made right up until the end, I was quick to adjust the venue map so that it would reflect the space as accurately as possible. 


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