Hi there! I'm Maria and I'm an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Animator, and UX/UI Designer. I'm a creative problem solver who uses a variety of programs to bring my clients' visions to life! I currently work at The Canadian Musicians Co-operative as a Graphic Designer. 

I also am a freelance artist and have had the privilege of working with many professional clients over the past 7 years. My first freelance experience was working for Shawn Mendes when I was 17 as an animator. I created the animated promotional snippets for his 2015 single, "Never Be Alone" and also produced the looping animated videos that played behind Shawn on his 2015 North American Tour. Since then I have worked with many other musicians and content creators to create lyric videos, illustrations, event maps, animations, portraits, and more. I'm the illustrator of Joey Kidney’s books, “What’s The Rush?” and “Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open”, and Ben Esqueda's, "Feeling This Way". 


I have considered myself an artist from a very young age. I have a passion for drawing, painting, sculpting, and animation. I studied Studio Art at the University of Guelph and graduated in 2019. My paintings have had the privilege of being apart of group exhibitions at OCAD Great Hall in Toronto, Boarding House Gallery in Guelph, and more. My first solo exhibition was in 2022 at 10C Gallery called, "Glass Walls: An Animal's Experience." In my personal art practice, I enjoy creating activism art. I focus on the human relationship with animals throughout history, and challenge the viewer's morals and belief systems in my artworks. Giving a voice to the voiceless through my art is a lifelong project for me. 


In my UX/UI Design work, I focus on creating intuitive, efficient, and pleasurable experiences for users. My transferable skills from my background in fine art allow me to create consistent and beautiful user interface designs. I have experience and interest in designing mobile apps/sites as well as UI design in video games.