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My name is Maria and I am an experienced Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Animator, and UX/UI Designer with a passion for bringing clients' visions to life through creative problem solving.


As a freelance artist, I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of professional clients over the past 8 years. My career began at the age of 17, when I was selected to work with Shawn Mendes as an animator, creating the animated promotional snippets for his 2015 single, "Never Be Alone" and also producing the looping animated videos that played behind Shawn on his 2015 North American Tour. Since then, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with other clients such as social media influencers, businesses, authors, and local sports teams to design a variety of different print and digital materials. My illustrations can be found in Joey Kidney's books, "What's The Rush?" and "Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open", as well as Ben Esqueda's, "Feeling This Way."


In addition to my freelance experience, I have also gained valuable experience working as a Graphic Designer for The Canadian Musicians Cooperative; a not-for-profit arts service organization assisting new generation/independent artists build sustainable careers. My background and experience enable me to adapt to a variety of projects, work effectively within a team, and deliver high-quality designs.



In my UX/UI Design work, I prioritize creating intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable experiences for users. My background in fine art allows me to bring a unique perspective to my designs and create visually appealing and consistent user interfaces. I have experience in designing for both mobile apps and websites, as well as UI design in video games. Additionally, I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills in the field and stay updated on the latest industry trends and best practices.

I have always considered myself an artist and have a passion for various mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and animation. I pursued this passion and studied Studio Art at the University of Guelph, graduating in 2019. My artwork has been showcased in several group exhibitions at prominent venues such as OCAD Great Hall in Toronto and Boarding House Gallery in Guelph. In 2022, I had the honor of having my first solo exhibition at 10C Gallery, titled "Glass Walls: An Animal's Experience."

In my personal art practice, I am passionate about creating activism art. I focus on the human relationship with animals throughout history and aim to challenge viewer's morals and belief systems through my artworks. Giving a voice to the voiceless through my art is a lifelong project for me, and I strive to use my art as a means to create awareness and spark conversation about important issues.

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